batte melt pump
thermoplast extrusion pump

automatic loss in weight feeder

Gravimetric loss in weight feeders are particularly suitable for feeding poorly flowing powders and granular materials in the feeding system. This type gravimetric screw feeder is widely used for its high precision. Gravimetric loss in weig

continious auto screen changer

Product continious auto screen changer Manufacturer china Product Details Rajhans is Indias reliable manufacturer and suppliers of continious auto screen changers, for Thermoplastics Extruders Output - 80 to 1250 kg/hrs continious auto scre

thermoplastic extrusion pump

The thermoplastic extrusion pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity plastic melt. So it is also be called thermoplastic extrusion pump or melt pump extrusion for plastics. t

External lubrication type melt

As a kind of external gear pump, external lubrication type melt pump is suitable for difficult working conditions, within the more traditional melt pump self-lubricating system, external lubrication conditions more suitable for harsh use.

Extruder gear pump

As one kind of extruder melt pumps, extruder gear pump is mainly used for transporting pressurized polymer steady stream layer of high viscosity of the medium.

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