Teach you how to more easily install Extrusion gear pump
    Extrusion gear pump how to install will be more convenient?1, we recommend using a suction line from irrigation installation, aspiration side of the pump sump below the minimum level. If you must use a suction lifting type of installation, y
    Warning, thermoplastic extrusion pump using Mistakes!
    thermoplastic extrusion pump inlet inlet bearing right   Many machine hand that this practice can improve the lift, had the practice of thermoplastic extrusion pump head = total lift ~ loss of lift. When the thermoplastic extrusion pump
    Daily use and maintenance of thermoplastic extrusion pump
    (L) thermoplastic extrusion pump disintegration and cleaning, heating and cooling, should be strictly in accordance with the start-stop operation, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. (2) should pay attention to maintaining a stable populat
    structure and working principle of thermoplastic extrusion p
    thermoplastic extrusion pump is polyester melt conveying, pressurization and melt metering essential equipment. Than other types of high temperature melt pump pump compact, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficien
    The main parts of thermoplastic extrusion pump repair
    ① tooth repair: Whetstone removed with fine emery cloth or strain or multi-angled ground to the site, and then swap gear surface orientation and appropriately for research, and finally cleaned; severe wear can be observed with the naked ey
    Other reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump failure
    High viscosity oil will produce noise, you must use the appropriate oil viscosity. 2, less than the output flow
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